Powerful in any way you look at it.

DC Fast Chargers and Ultra-Fast Chargers cut down charge time to a minimum – you won’t even finish your Karak before it’s done.



Shahin DC Fast Chargers

Our DC Fast Chargers are a game-changer for electric vehicle drivers in the GCC. Its cutting-edge power electronics deliver a full charge in just minutes, offering maximum convenience to your customers. With our DC Fast Charger, you are guaranteed to elevate your charging network to new heights.

It is perfect for fast charging at petrol stations, super markets and fast-food restaurants.



We got you covered


We provide installation services and maintenance contracts to ensure the maximum uptime of your charger.
Shahin-approved installation partners are all trained to provide the best service to our customers. We ensure all partners are certified by local water and electricity companies and adhere to strict quality measures
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We provide management software for our chargers to increase transparency and control to your operational team.
Shahin's CPM not only monitors the charger 24/7 and gives fault alerts, but it also seamlessly manages transactions and makes your charger available to the public.
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