Fleet Electrification for Businesses of All Sizes. Always Sustainable.

Shahin electrifies business – We offer comprehensive solutions for corporations and SMEs to go electric. We consult, procure, install, and maintain your chargers and EVs so that you can focus on the core business. 

What We Can Do for You

Every business has its unique requirements and ambitions to go green. We at Shahin understand and embrace these differences, providing tailored, holistic consultations to help businesses achieve their green goals effortlessly.

We guide you on this journey from conception to implementation.

Fleet Electrification

At Shahin, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive consultations for businesses looking to go green. Our experts work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, identifying the perfect vehicles for each use case while optimizing CO2 emissions and total cost of ownership. By leveraging our strong connections with vehicle manufacturers and distributors, we ensure a swift and seamless acquisition process. Trust Shahin to guide your business in making eco-friendly choices, maximizing efficiency, and securing your place in the future of sustainable transportation.

Installation & Maintenance Service

Shahin partners with a network of approved installation companies across the UAE, each meticulously trained by our experts to deliver professional, high-quality services. We guarantee the highest uptime for chargers by closely monitoring their performance through our advanced management platform. Our proactive approach allows us to dispatch skilled staff as needed to address any issues promptly, ensuring seamless operation of your charging infrastructure. With Shahin, you can trust that your EV charging solutions are in capable hands, supported by unmatched expertise and commitment to excellence.

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